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Kevin Roth

About The Author

Kevin Roth, the coolest guy in the universe. Kevin is the author of the original cross-browser rich text editor.

Personal Sites

www.kevinroth.com - My personal website.

Fulcrum Web Technologies - My company website. Check out our other great products such as the award-winning Cross-Browser Rich Text Editor Source Code, Form Builder / Quiz Generator, and Wedding RSVP.

Shameless Plugs

Check out a couple of my NFL team fan sites!

Packernet - I am a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan. I built this site to be the only source I need to check to get all of my Packers news. Owned and run by Al Davis.

Vikings Fan Source - I built this site to spy on my team's arch-rival. Also I live in Minnesota and know a bunch of Vikings fans, so I also built this site for them.

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