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PHP Pick 'Em

Updated for 2016!

PHP Pick 'Em is a free php web application that allows you to host a weekly NFL pick 'em football pool on your website.

Do you enjoy NFL football but don't know how to get your friends and family involved in the excitement? Fantasy football is great, but is very time consuming if you want to have any success. Try setting up and running your own Pick 'Em pool with PHP Pick 'Em and enjoy a nice friendly competition throughout the football season without spending all the time and effort.

Easy to play

All players do is pick the winners of each game, each week. Whoever accurately guesses to most correct outcomes is the weekly winner. Picks may be entered weeks ahead of time, or at the very last minute. You can even hide your picks (until the week is closed) if you don't trust the other players not to copy off you.

Easy to administer

If you've ever run a pick 'em pool at your office and used paper entries, spreadsheets, or some other format, you know it can be a lot of work to put it all together and figure out the winners, etc. Using this web-based application minimal effort is needed by the administrator to run an accurate, unbiased, and organized pick 'em pool. Tools such as a mass-emailer (with templates to help you), automatic score retrieval, and auto-calculating statistics will save you loads of time.

How Do I Set It Up?

Just download the code, upload it to your site, and follow the instructions in the readme file. There is a wordpress-style web installer that will help you to get started. Once the site is up, you can send out the link to your participants and users can (optionally) sign themselves up or you can add them manually as the admin user.

As the site admin, you can manage players, update scores, and send weekly email blasts. Other than that, the game pretty much runs itself.

For more information, see the full list of features.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing, it's free. Donations are greatly appreciated, however.

The Season Has Already Begun, Can I Still Run a Pool?

Yes, each weekly pick 'em result is independent of all the others. This means players may also skip weeks without too big of an impact. However, the final winner is determined by who has the most wins, and the final tie-breaker is whoever has the best overall pick ratio. Skipped games are factored into the overall pick ratio, so players are encouraged not to skip weeks for this reason.

What's Required?

All that is required is a web host with the following minimum requirements:

Can I Customize It?

If you are familiar with HTML/CSS and/or PHP you will have an easy time modifying the design or the base functionality of the application.

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